Processing center for digital assets

Account management
Asset management

Identity and permission management

Wallet management


Integrations with legasy financial systems

Key differences:

  • Not related to cryptocurrencies

  • Focused on data privacy and integrity

  • Compliant with existing regulations

It simultaneously acts as a custodian, wallet management system and exchange

What is real tokenization

  • Tokenization is a process of transformation of asset management in which the ownership of an asset is represented by a digital key

  • A key allows proving ownership of a an account:
    Only owner of a key can make changes to account!

  • From legal perspective, a tokenization platform is a typical registry of property rights

Tokenization use cases

  • Loyalty programs

  • STO platforms

  • Crowdfunding platforms

  • Intellectual property marketplaces (music, movies, patents)

  • Real estate tokenization

  • Payment systems and wallet management systems

  • Precious metal tokenization

  • Investment and mutual fund platform

Go to market model

  • Our license model: we offer limited and perpetual licenses as well as the technical support.

  • Our sales model: indirect sales through partners network. Our channels are advisory/consulting, IT service, IT solution integrator companies.

  • Product promotion model: we run a full cycle of marketing, provide trainings, events and support for partners.

  • Partner revenue: we offer TokenD on a white-label basis for partners to create a tailored solution for their clients. In this case we also share the license revenue received through partners.

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